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Siyum HaShas

Harnessing the energy and excitement of the upcoming Siyum HaShas, our Kehila has joined together to complete the entire Shas and to make a Siyum in conjunction with the massive global Siyum HaShas celebration on January 1, 2019.


There are many ways to learn your dapim, for online options there are:

Daf Hachaim - Video שיעור presentation with helpful PDF's to follow along each part of the mesechta. There are also Introduction & Review videos on each daf in Shas! 

iTorah (Daily Gemara) - Audio שיעור given by Rabbi Eli Mansour. A PDF version of each daf is online as well.

Shas Illuminated - Shas Illuminated has undertaken to present to the ‫ לומדי דף היומי‬ and to the general ‫ עולם התורה‬ an in-depth ‫ ,שיעור‬ clearly and concisely explaining the main ‫ראשונים‬ and ‫  אחרונים‬on each and every ‫  דף‬in ‫ .ש”ס‬ 

Each ‫ ,שיעור‬ intended to be learned after one learns the ‫ גמרא‬ with ‫ ,רש”י‬ is recorded by world-class ‫ מגידי שיעור‬in a clear and straightforward manner that will enhance, broaden, and unlock the treasures hidden in each ‫ ,דף‬ including הלכה למעשה.

Please contact Mordechai Aryeh at 516-314-7726 with any questions

Mon, April 15 2024 7 Nisan 5784