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At Shaare Emunah, we strive to create an inclusive atmosphere that facilitates spiritual growth, stimulating learning and exciting and fun programming for the entire family. We are committed to the values of the Torah while participating in, and contributing to general society.

It is our hope to ensure, with the help of Hashem, that the torch bearing the flame of Torah handed down to us by our great leaders and Sephardic sages such as The  Rambam, Maran HaBet Yosef, The Ari Hakadosh, Maran Hachid"a, The Ben Ish Chai, and Harav Ovadia Yosef, all of holy and blessed memory, continues to shine brightly into the future, illuminating generations to come.

These ideals are uniquely expressed in a variety of venues and aspects that make up the very soul and culture of the atmosphere in our Bet HaKnesset:


Great care and attention is given at Shaare Emunah to the proper respect, decor, and integrity of our Mesorah in prayer, with regards to the liturgical legacy of the Sephardim, professionalism of our Hazzanut and the intricacies of the Maqamim, showcasing a rich variety of holy tunes and melodies, in faithfulness to the wide-ranging taste of "Nusach Yerushalmi".

Our up and coming youth, the pride of our bright future, growing attuned to the organized and clearly enunciated Torah readings and Tefilot, are surely and naturally bound to become proficient in their own right to continue the legacy and further the traditions of their heritage with knowledgeable pride and care.


Shaare Emunah takes pride in being a true makom Torah with daily and nightly Shiurim and Torah study on many levels. Spanning the wide spectrum of Torah topics, from practical and thorough halacha study (with great emphasis on studying the works of Chacham Ovadia A"H) to the study of Gemara in depth, always accompanied with talks and studies of Mussar and Machshava (Jewish Philosophy), fostering and strengthening Emunah and Bitachon in Hashem Yitbarach.


Shabbat at Shaare Emunah is an uplifting experience in itself, resembling a weekly seminar of inspiration, with ongoing drashot, shiurim and divre Torah all throughout from the beginning of Shabbat until the very end. With a joyous atmosphere of singing and delighting in Oneg Shabbat and Seudat Shlishit.

A special get together for our dear sisterhood takes place as well for Seudat Shlishit, arranged wonderfully and hosted at different homes every Shabbat, prepared with great food and refreshments along with Divre Torah, creating an environment and warm atmosphere of comradery and achdut among the neshot chayil, the backbone of our Bet HaKnesset.

Guests consistently compliment our beautiful tefilot, Divre Torah, and even our sumptuous Kiddushim.


Bringing together and catering to all backgrounds of Sephardic culture in ways that are tailored to their senses and spiritual flavors is what embodies the very character of Shaare Emunah.

We strive as a community to grow together through warmth of heart and soul, joining each other in joyous occasions and providing support during challenging times. Numerous appeals to Tzedaka and Chesed are made throughout the year that is met with heart-warming generosity and benevolence typifying the compassionate nature of Am Yisrael.

Our kehilah, Baruch Hashem, has enjoyed a growth in numbers and we find ourselves in need of larger facilities than the remodeled house we have called home for the past twenty years. Space for our youth groups, for a Bet Midrash, as well as space to accommodate all on the high holidays, make it absolutely essential that we embark on building a larger edifice for our Bet HaKnesset.

While our membership may be able to cover part of the cost of a new building, we find ourselves in need of support and assistance in order to realize this dream.

It is our fervent prayer to Hashem, that we may succeed in bringing honor and glory to His Name in the building and beautification of our Beit HaKnesset, to enhance the study of Torah, Tefillah and service of Hashem with true joy and blessed unity.


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